What if?

My father and I were exploring a friend’s expansive ranch almost 10 years ago when we stumbled upon a small, old surveyor shelter. It sat upon the highest ledge of a bluff and offered exceptional protection from the prevailing winds and any enemies that might be wandering around.

Only the stone walls and fire pit were left, as all the wood had either rotted away or been scavenged.

We carefully stepped inside to examine things, and I immediately noticed a weathered, chiseled signature of a Lt. T or Lt. J. I couldn’t tell which it was because the rest of the carving was completely worn away. Of course that sent my imagination whirling. I wondered who this Lieutenant was and what he was doing in a rock shelter out in the middle of nowhere. The moment we got home, I started researching who would have been in the area and why. The answers I found only spun my imagination even faster. What If? By that night, I had the fictional character of Lt. Thistle firmly in my mind. Unfortunately, life whisked me away, and I wouldn’t return to him and the story he waited to tell until almost 5 years later.

I’m sorry I made Lt. Thistle wait so long, because what a story it was! I can only thank him for being patient with me so that I could finally put his adventure into words.

The story

The Story

Moving is never easy. Especially when you are about to turn thirteen, forced to leave a lush paradise for a barren wasteland and afflicted by a know-it-all-smart-aleck for a brother. With an old lady for her new neighbor and parents who think looking at rocks is fun, Micay has only her brother to console her. At least he understood that beach bunnies were not meant to be desert rats.

Little does she know that her neighbor is more than meets the eye and will set her on a grand and ancient adventure that challenges all her preconceived ideas. Land of Enchantment is a fresh take on an old adage, don’t judge a book by its cover, and showcases the little known grandeur of the truly enchanting state of New Mexico (yes, it really is a part of the US).


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